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Funny Quotes About Exams: A lot of walls have to be crossed in the life of every child. This exam is the biggest wall among them. A lot of students in the exam cross this situation and dream of their golden beauty. The students of all the students want their children to fight a world with a good mark. Every parent makes a lot of sacrifices for the good of their child. This post will be told about some Funny Quotes About Exams to keep the child fat weight during exam time.

The exam is such a phase, in this period, not only students, but their parents also appear in a lot of tensions. This can be seen in all the parents. Every student goes through this method. The pressure of this exam remains in the minds of many students. They never feel relaxed. There is the same fear all the time that it might fail in the exam. This rate is a common thing that must come once in every person's life.

Funny Quotes About Exams Daily Routine In Exam Time So Busy Day This Years

Funny Quotes About Exams Daily Routine In Exam Time So Busy Day these Years 

"If you write, write something like this in the exam Even a pen may be forced to cry Fill that pain in each answer Check that the dispenser sleeps"

 "Neither by the sword No bullets Most scared after the result By Bapu's beat"

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"Abandon reading and writing, keep it from copying, sleep in the quilt, son, God will pass." 

"The more syllabus you read, you bring the top, the more we leave it on the choice." 

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