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Happy friendship day 2020: Apart from other countries, this Friendship Day is celebrated with great pomp in India. Because within India, friendship has been placed at a very high place. Which is seen inside Indian friends. The Indian we are is very different from the rest of the country. Happy friendship day 2020 Celebration in India.

We mix with all kinds of people. If we need it, then we are not going to give back even life for our friendship. This is Indian's way of performing friendship which is very different from others.

Happy friendship day 2020 Celebration in India Different Style

Do you know why we celebrate Happy Friendship Day 2020? If you do not know, you will find another post in it, in which this information is told. It is very good to know you. The secret of this friendship is hidden in it. What very few people know about it.

Happy friendship day 2020 Celebration in India

There is a lot of Surrey festivals in India which we make in India very happily. Whether it is Holi, this Diwali, Durga Puja, Maharam, etc. we celebrate it voluntarily with our friends and family.

In India, we celebrate the celebration of all religions in a very good way. If Friendship Day comes. So we also celebrate it properly. Because the way lies are being propagated all over the world. We tie him to the truth of this friendship and try to come to the truth.

Its objective is that any kind of riots, fighting between religions, and outburst four can be achieved in India and outside India. We cannot finish it completely. But you can try to reduce it. For which we have to increase the hand of friendship.

Friends are one such option to stop all this. Friendship is such a bond that once it is bonded properly, it does not break for the whole life. This is the gift of God that has been given to keep us together. If we stay together then there can never be a situation like crime and crime inside the world. This is the power of friendship.

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In India, we celebrate our Friendship Day with lots of gifts, wishes, etc. to our friends. In this, we call our deepest friend and we honor him and pray to God for him. Of our friendship in this way broken stars forever. Regardless of the circumstances of any taxon, never separate us. With this kind of wish, we also give food to our friends along with food and water.


Which day is Happy Friendship Day?
Friendship Day is celebrated in different countries under different dates. If we talk about India, then it is coming to India on Friendship Day 2 August. And in the United States, it is being celebrated on 30 July.

Who started Friendship Day?
This was done by Joyce Hall, Founder of Hallmark Cards, USA, of Friendship Day. This Friendship Day was originated in 1930. One of his holidays was kept for celebrations only.

Who created the National best friend day?
In 1935, National Best Friend Day was observed by the US Congress. US Congress did a lot of discus before its exit. After that, it was decided to celebrate it on August 2 and June 8 in the Every Year or National Best Friendship Day.


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