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Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi: Are You Looking Marathi Quotes? Quotes are such a way that helps us in our best way to move forward in our life. It would have completely changed the way we live. There are many people who do not know what to do in their lives. It plays a very right role in making us a weakling.

You will know that social media and some big platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, And on Twitter, a lot of messages and wishes are made all the time. Love is such a feeling, it must have happened once in every person's heart. It can happen at any time. There is a need for some time and place to be in love. It only happens with the magic of your heart.

Love Quotes: Nothing happens when I am in love. It just happens. Love is a beautiful feeling in the world. When you want someone so much, you do not like to live with it for the whole life and all the time. True love is so perfect that it attracts too much towards one another. It behaves like keeping your partner with you every day and every night.

Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi, Sad love images & Success quotes

This love becomes even more special when a loved one finds you after it is found, life starts to become soft. If he finds one, then trust in love gets increased, eating food from his hands, scolding him for his devils, it all becomes special.

Birthday becomes even more special than before, the condition of the day is told to him, he is taken care of more than himself, no matter if we speak bad, but we cannot hear a single thing about that particular person. Not only this love is so amazing, Perhaps this is why poets and poets have called it blind because after forgetting someone, but you also forget yourself.

To express these feelings of love, today I would like to put some of my favorite quotes in front of you, tell me how was it? And yes, it is not loved, it just happens and if you too have had love, then my friend can enjoy it because it is only once.

Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi

Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi

"तू माझा होशील की मी तुला खूप आवडेल आपणास नशिब मिळावे यासाठी लोक प्रार्थना करतील"

"You will be mine i will love you People will pray for your luck" 

"Your walking around wearing my shirt, Mimicking me by tying both sides of the shirt I do not love you like this…" 

"तू माझा शर्ट घालून फिरत आहेस, शर्टच्या दोन्ही बाजूंनी बांधून माझी नक्कल करत आहे मी तुमच्यावर असे प्रेम करत नाही ..." 
Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi, Sad love images & Success quotes

Marathi message on Relationship 

"मला सवय नाही प्रत्येकजण मरतो पण तुला पाहून, हृदय त्याबद्दल विचारही केला नाही"
Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi

"I am not used to Everybody dies But seeing you, heart Did not even think about it" 

"Without brother When Ravana Can Defeat And Sriram can win with brother, So what are we in Always be together Try family Never break !!" 
Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi

"भाऊशिवाय जेव्हा रावण पराभूत होऊ शकेल आणि श्रीराम भाऊ बरोबर जिंकू शकतो, तर आम्ही काय आहोत नेहमी एकत्र रहा कुटुंब प्रयत्न करा कधीही तोडू नका !!" 

Marathi love status for wife 

"हे आवश्यक नाही की प्रत्येक क्षणी मी तुमच्या जवळ रहाईन, प्रेम देखील दूर पासून केले गेले आहे."
Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi

"It is not necessary that every moment I stay near you, love is also done from the distance." 
Heart Touching Love Quotes In Marathi

"What color does life show, what is perfect, there is no limit of love in love, and love is limited in every age !!" 
"आयुष्य कोणता रंग दर्शवितो, काय परिपूर्ण आहे, प्रेमात प्रेमाची मर्यादा नाही आणि प्रत्येक युगात प्रेम मर्यादित आहे !!" 

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